Business Travel Essentials for Remote Workers

business travel essentials

If you’re planning on taking your show on the road, there are a few business travel essentials that you’ll want to remember.

I started working for myself because I wanted the freedom to work on what I wanted, with who I wanted, when I wanted and, most importantly, where I wanted. Having the freedom to be wherever you want, whether you’re on a resort in Mexico, hunkering down at your parent’s house or even the table of your RV. 

So when you pack up to head out on the road, there are definitely a few business travel essentials that you’ll want to make sure you bring along.

All of Your Power Cords

Yes, this seems like an obvious addition to the list and I hope that you already have it, but I would highly suggest double and triple-checking your luggage to make sure that you include ALL of your power cords.

It’s going to be a real pain if you get to where you’re going and have no way to power up your device. Another great addition to your business travel essentials power team is a power bank, especially if you’re taking a tablet sightseeing with you and plan to stop at a few coffee shops here and there.


Your business travel essentials list should definitely include a pair of headphones, especially if you’re planning on working in a chattery space like a coffee shop. 

Bonus points if you have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones with you. I have a pair and they’re amazing when it comes to air travel or driving on a bus. Having a way to block out the noise whether you’re trying to listen in on a business meeting or just want some background music. 

Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re like me and you like to travel with a tablet, then a BlueTooth keyboard is a must-have. I have a cheap one off Amazon and it’s a God-send. It’s light and easy to pack and works amazing.

I spend less than $20 on mine, and I’ve been using it for years. You don’t need to break the bank or get some certified work and it’ll help make working a lot easier on the go. You can also grab a wireless mouse if it suits your fancy—I personally don’t use one but I know many people do.

Laptop Case

This is one of the things that I almost always forget until I’m about to leave and remember I don’t have one. But you absolutely need to add a case to your business essentials list. My iPad case has saved my device a number of times, it’s absolutely necessary. 

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