How to Take Time Off Work as an Entrepreneur

take time off work

Being an entrepreneur has a whole set of their own challenges, and that includes when it comes to planning to take time off work. So when it comes to your next vacation, here’s how to go about planning and prepping for it:

Plan Ahead

Before you take time off work, you’ll need to do some serious planning. Whether you’re skipping a day, week or month, you’ll need to preplan your schedule. 

Planning ahead will look different for everyone and depends highly on your daily life and your work schedule. But a little planning can seriously help when it comes to taking a vacation.

Get Some Help

If you’re a solopreneur, you might need to recruit some temporary help to handle the workload while you’re taking time off work. 

This highly depends on what kind of work you do. If you’re a writer like me, chances are you can do enough prep work to have a week of no work for your vacation. But if you’re in an industry where you need to work weekly or daily, some hired help might be needed.

If you already have a team, you’ll need to learn the art of delegation. Assign what you can to team members so your workload is handled while you’re taking time off work.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are a ton of great apps that can keep you checked in while you check out. That way if you have to touch base with your team, you’ll have the means to do it without being strapped down with all that technology.

Take your phone (or tablet) with you, make sure you’re set up the apps you need and have account access won’t get stuck out of your accounts. That way it’s a quick check in when you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO (and not when you might have to).

Having technology with you means that you have to be disciplined while you take time off work. Make sure you’re careful to set up some boundaries otherwise a vacation turns into a work trip.

Actually Take Time Off Work

You really do need a break!

You can do as much planning and preparing as you want, but chances are as an entrepreneur even the most ready of us have trouble when it comes to take time off. So when it comes to taking a vacation, actually take one!

Taking a half-vacation won’t help you in the long run. A few days of your time probably isn’t going to make or break your business. But not taking the time to relax, will make you less effective in your work.

Seriously, take a break. You deserve it!

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