Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day hits Prime subscribers next week, July 15 and 16, and it’s incredibly profitable for small business owners who sell through Amazon. 

But if you want to be successful on Amazon Prime Day, you need to be prepared. Here are some great tips and tricks for how to prepare your small business for Prime Day:

Clean Up Your Storefront

If you’re looking to prep your Amazon store for Prime Day, make sure all of your product pages, and store information is updated in advance. Just like you would clean up a storefront, your Amazon store needs to be in tip-top shape before the event.

Before Amazon Prime Day hits, update your product titles and descriptions to ensure they are clear, descriptive and searchable. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure that all of your products have nice, clean high-resolution images.

Focus Your Advertising

Amazon Prime Day sales is a great time to step up your advertising game. You’ll want to plan ahead (Prime Day is coming up, so I’d start planning now) and come up with a specific marketing campaign for Amazon Prime Day.

Utilize your current marketing channels—social media, email, website—to reach current and future customers and highlight your upcoming Prime Day Deals. Send out a Prime Day newsletter, put up a page on your website and run some specific social media posts.

Get Prepared for Amazon Prime Day

When it comes to sales days, holidays and other high-traffic, high-profit times, anything can happen. You’ll want to be extra prepared. 

Make sure you’re monitoring throughout the sale. Monitor your product levels, your budgets and your advertising success. If you find that your click-through-rates aren’t as high as you’d like, adjust the ad and try again.

You’ll want to be on-hand throughout the sale. And you might want a little bit of help if you can spare it!

Afterward: Keep the Momentum Going!

Once it’s is over, you don’t want your momentum to die off. Do a sale day post mortem and see what worked and what didn’t so you can plan accordingly next year. 

You are limited on how you can follow up with customers through Amazon, but you should definitely make sure they’re satisfied with their products and, where appropriate, ask them to leave a review. 

And if you’re just starting your Prime Day preparation today… start earlier next year!

Do you have tips for Prime Day sales? Share them below in the comments!

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