How To Choose the Right Caster Wheels

Casters come in handy when you want to move something without having to pick it up. You can find them on everything from office chairs to industrial equipment and there are several different types and sizes. To choose the right ones for your project or equipment, you will first need to know which characteristics and specifications are the best fit for your needs. You can then compare different types and manufacturers for price and guarantees.

Size and Capacity

The size and weight capacity of caster wheels are not as related as you may think. Yes, a smaller wheel is more likely to have a smaller weight capacity than a larger one, but the materials that the wheels are made out of have more of an impact on weight capacity. This means that you will need to know both the recommended size and the recommended weight capacity of the castors you use for your project. Most manufacturers will have a chart online that you can reference and your building plans should have some recommendations as well.

Locks and Swivels

Some features of casters are the ability to lock and swivel. Not all castors can do both of these things and some will do neither of them. You can mix and match casters in projects to get the right combination of features. For instance, some carts will have swivel casters in the front to steer and rigid ones on the back with only the right-side wheels having locks on them.

Price and Warranty

Once you have selected the size, capacity and features of your casters, it is time to compare different vendors and manufacturers to find the right deal for your needs. This means determining things such as whether bulk orders are offered, how shipping and handling are charged, and even which warranties or guarantees are available. It is important to determine how many you need and whether the vendors you are looking at can offer that quantity. This can help you best determine the price as well, a bulk order will look expensive compared to a single unit.

Choosing the right castors for your project or equipment can be as easy as typing in the specifications of your old one into a manufacturer’s website, or it might require determining the size, capacity and features for yourself. You can choose from a variety of sizes and weight capacities as well as materials, locks and swivels to get the right parts for your needs.