3 Reasons A Social Scheduling App Is Worth It

social scheduling app

Many “gurus” suggest setting your business up with a social scheduling app, but they don’t necessarily go into detail on why it’s so important beyond the vague notion of saving time (which is true).

There are a ton of great benefits when it comes to getting a social scheduling app, and your business should definitely have one. Not only will it save you time, but it can help you make more money, better marketing decisions and even improve your customer or client engagement.

Here’s how that works:

Social Scheduling Apps Save Time

If you’re trying to run multiple social media accounts, there’s a lot of time spent switching between apps, making posts and interacting with customers or clients.

A well run social media account takes, on average, one hour per day. But if you have access to a social scheduling app, you can make a significant dent in that time from being able to post to everything all from one window.

Not to mention, a good social scheduling app will allow you to recycle old content so you have a steady stream of posts. Plus, most are capable of bulk post uploads making your planning and scheduling time significantly more efficient.

All-in-all, social scheduling apps save you a ton of time.

They Have Good Reporting Mechanisms

If you’re not tracking and measuring your social media, you’ll never grow it. It’ll continue to be stagnant, and while you might grow a little here-and-there, chances are you won’t see the big leaps you’re aiming for.

But a social scheduling app can help you better analyze what’s working and what isn’t. That way, when it comes to analyzing your social media efforts, you’re better able to make good decisions and grow your marketing efforts.

Effective marketing means making more money, and more money means growing your business… and being able to pay rent on time.

They Can Help You Improve Your User Engagement

User engagement is crucial when it comes to social media, but putting effort into it one of the biggest mistakes that business big and small make. They’re so busy getting posts out there that they fail to actually capitalize on the true thing that makes social media so powerful: direct customer interaction.

But a social scheduling app can help you improve and plan for better engagement. Which, in the long run, can really work wonders in your business.

Some apps allow you to respond to comments, questions and messages right in them. Others can help you monitor relevant social media discussions so you can get in on current conversational topics. And others highlight your most engaged users so you can make a real impact.

All of this lends its hand to make sure you have more powerful social marketing efforts, and that your time and money isn’t being wasted.

Why do you love social scheduling apps? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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