4 Essential Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

In order for your business can grow to the maximum size possible, you know the industry and be able use the right tools. There are loads of services that can assist you in every aspect of running your business. The list below is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the tools that can help your business develop.

1. Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords)

If you need a service or a product, the first place you’re likely to look online is on Google. Think like your customers and ensure your business is properly set up for users of the world’s largest internet search engine.

Is your business showing up on Google for your brand’s related search terms? If not, you can start showing up by signing up for Google Ads. With Google Ads, you can place ads on Google Search results pages when people search for the products or services your business provides.

Google will only bill you when people click your ads to do business with you. Depending on your industry, millions of people can be seeing your ads in Google every month.

Google Ads help you to generate leads. Once they land on your website, how do you convert them to paying clients? There is a tool that can help you with that called Zendesk Chat…

2. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) is a live chat application for your website. This powerful tool notifies you instantly through your desktop or mobile phone when people visit your website.

It enables you to monitor the pages they visit while they are on your website, where they came from, the type of phone or computer and browser they are using. And, of course, gives your website visitors the opportunity to initiate a live chat with you.

With the data and engagement facility that Zendesk Chat provides, you can deduce what works and what doesn’t wit your website. This can help you uncover what customers really want so that you can address the issues that make site users less likely to convert.

Live chat helps you to engage with your potential customers but only scratches the surface as far as analytics is concerned. There is a powerful tool for that as well, which is what we’ll to look at next.

3. Expensify

For your business to grow, you need to be good at managing money. For every small enterprise, it is vital to have a means of keeping a record of your business expenses and income.

To many business owners, financial recording is a herculean task. That’s where Expensify comes in. Expensify simplifies the whole process and allows you to monitor accounts on the go.

Expensify helps to easily scan receipts and easily capture expenses from travel expenses to your running costs, right to business utility bills.

4. StatCounter

Stat Counter takes website analytics to a whole new level – leverage it to grow your business today. StatCounter tells you almost everything you need to know about your website visitors so that you can make better and informed decisions on your site.

Every day, StatCounter will send you an email report detailing your most popular pages and how many page views they got, where your website visitors came from, the keywords they used to search for you, their location, their entry and exit pages, visit length, and other important metrics.

As you advertise your business and make sales, you need to track and keep records of your expenses and income. This kind of information can help you to develop and optimise your site.


With the right tools, you can automate many tasks, avoid costly mistakes, and deliver stellar services to your clients consistently. Invest in the right tools, train your team to use them, and your business has no choice but to grow.