3 Great and Budget-Friendly Ways to Repurpose Business Video Content

If you’re running a business on a tight budget, producing videos can be a painful endeavor. The cost of video production can be quite high, and you may not be sure you can justify the investment.

That is why it is important that you make sure you maximize the use of the videos that you do create by repurposing them. It will provide you with more bang for your buck, and let you take advantage of the content that you’re creating fully.

More importantly there are several budget-friendly ways that you can repurpose business video content that won’t require much additional investment.

Create Articles

One of the easiest ways to repurpose your videos is to turn them into articles (or blog posts and other similar types of written content). For this to be an option your video should be informative and with a descriptive voiceover.

Essentially you will want to start by transcribing the video to obtain a written copy of it, and then check and edit the text to turn it into an article. In particular you will want to try to break up the text in some way with subheadings or bullet points so that it doesn’t just look like a wall of text. If you want you can then capture screenshots to use as images in the content.

All that you will need to pull this off is transcription software – though you can manually transcribe the video if need be.

Create Podcasts

If the voiceover in your video is descriptive enough to stand on its own you may want to consider creating a podcast from it. That will allow you to broaden your audience, and expand your reach.

To get started you will first need to extract the audio track from the video, which is easy enough using one of the many available video converters. However after that you may want to edit the audio a bit, and possibly record and insert additional audio as required.

In short you may need audio recording and editing software if you do go down this route. The exact amount of editing that will be required can vary, but in most cases you should consider branding your podcast and making it sound more conversational.

Create ‘Best Of’ Video Compilations

As you create more and more videos, you can consider finding similar themes and topics and creating ‘best of’ compilations. It will involve extracting the best clips around a similar theme from various videos, and compiling them into an entirely new piece of content.

The only software required to create this type of content is a video editor so you can cut together the new video. Aside from that however repurposing videos in this way will require that you curate your videos and plan them carefully.

In some cases you may want to learn how to record a live stream and incorporate it into your compilations as well. That can be done using a screen recorder, for example Movavi Screen Recorder.


Overall you should be starting to see how the options listed above will let you repurpose your videos without much additional investment. At most you may need a few pieces of additional software, but in most cases there are freeware equivalents that you can get by on.

It should be noted that there are lots of other ways to repurpose your videos, and you should explore as many options as you see fit. At the end of the day if you’re going to be investing in video content, it makes sense to get as much use out of it as you can.