How to Improve Your Sales Technique

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In a fit of nostalgia, I was recently rewatching old episodes of one of my favorite television shows, Chuck. The show it follows the life of Chuck Bartowski, a member of the Buy More (think Best Buy) Nerd Herd who gets thrust into a life of international espionage after accidentally downloading a computer program. If you’ve never seen it I would highly recommend it.

In any case, the reason I’m talking about Chuck is because there is this one episode where the manager of the Buy More holds a sales competition to improve store sales, and Morgan, the best friend of the titular character needs to improve his sales technique before he loses his job. Now, clearly this is not the pinnacle of the episode story arch but no one seems to be able to help him improve his sales technique, and it got me to thinking what can you actually do to become a better salesperson?

Sell Your Customers What They Need

There is no general rule that people only buy what they need, but it’s important to work within that mentality because it makes it way easier to sell something. The pinnacle of your sales technique has to be the need that your product or service solves. And, your product or service does need to solve a problem for your customer.

Needs can vary person-to-person, which is why it’s important that you understand your ideal customer. If you’re a marketing consultant, you’re selling the ability to get more customers. Similarly, if you sell cute coffee cups, you sell the perfect morning. Whatever you’re selling, make sure you sell it to fill a need.

Sell Purposefully

Don’t make your sales technique selling by accident. Treat every opportunity to sell as a purposeful activity that you planned for and are determined to make happen (without being slimy). You are the expert on your product or service; you know what you do and why you do it, and you understand the needs of your ideal customer intimately — use that to your advantage.

Walk into every potential business opportunity like the sale is there to make. It’s there for you, and it’s your decision to take it. Granted, you’re likely not going to make every sale, but if you walk in there with a good attitude and clear intentions, you’re way more likely to be successful.

Continuously Work to Improve Your Sales Technique

Even the best can be better. You may be the best salesperson in the world, and you might get 90 percent of the sales opportunities presented to you, but you definitely have room to improve. Make sure you are open to learning new sales techniques, take each opportunity presented to you to improve and keep growing as an individual and within your business.

Why Good Sales Techniques Are Important

As a business owner, you’re selling something. Whether it be coffee mugs, personal coaching or marketing consulting, you have something to sell to your customers. This means its incredibly important to be a great salesperson. And even if you’re the best at it, you can always be better.

What is your sales technique improvement advice? Share it in the comments below!

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