How to Start Your Own Trash Can Cleaning Business

trash can cleaning service

Apparently, starting a trash can cleaning business is a hot topic these days. And why wouldn’t it be? My research shows me that it’s a growing industry and, if we’re being honest, almost everyone has a trash can that could use a little cleaning now and then.

What is a Trash Can Cleaning Service?

First thing’s first, let’s answer the question what is a trash can cleaning business? A trash can cleaning business is exactly what it sounds like, every few weeks a company comes by to clean your garbage bin to get rid of all that dirty, extra food and quite frankly, gross, disgusting maggots that are probably hanging out in there. And that’s it — there’s the entire business. Seems simple, no? But you can make money at it!

Iowa-owned Elite Trash Can Cleaning offers a one-time cleaning fee for one bin at $35, and if you sign up for a monthly plan with them, you can get it done for $10 per month. It sounds pretty low but let’s consider that they offer services to the quad-city area of Delaport, Iowa with a population of 100,000 people. If they can get 1,000 customers on a monthly cleaning service they’ll rake in $10,000 (minus expenses and business costs, of course). It’s not terrible, especially for a side gig.

How to Get Started

Now, keep in mind that I am no trash can cleaning business expert, but these are the general steps I would take if I were going to open one myself.

Create a Business Plan

No, business plans are not out-dated and don’t listen to anyone who says they are. Opening a trash can cleaning business is going to take start-up costs, and you probably don’t have the $100,000 (plus) in start-up costs kicking around in your bank account (or maybe you do). And to obtain a business loan from the local bank, they’re going to want to see a plan, so get on it.

Define Your Target Customer

This is really part of your business planning, but I always make it a separate point because a lot of business owners and potential business owners don’t quite have a grasp on it. One of my favorite quotes about defining a target customer base is that something designed for everyone will serve no one — so it’s important to get down to the nitty-gritty on who your business services.

Your target customer group should be well-defined. Everything from age range, stage of life, income… you name it, is all relevant. That means you’ll need to do a little in-depth research before going forward with your trash can cleaning business. And, make sure you properly define what problem you’re going to solve for your customer. People buy things or pay for services because they solve a specific problem that’s important to them.

Get Set Up

Get yourself the financing, equipment, and space you need to get started on your business. For a trash can cleaning business, you’ll need a bin cleaner (my research shows the going rate for one around $100,000 or more), some sort of office space to work out of (your home is probably fine) and a budget for marketing. No marketing, no customers.

Market Your Service

This is where your target customer research comes in. Where are you going to find the customers to market your services to and how are you going to go about getting their attention? Rework the problem you’re going to solve into a marketing proposition and decide how and where you’re going to put it out there for people to find. Are you going to use a website? Get active on social media? Or are you going to do it the old fashioned way by hanging posters at the library and knocking on doors?

Start Cleaning Trash Cans

Once you’ve got your first few customers, it’s time to start cleaning!

Starting a trash can cleaning service is much like starting any other type of business. It’s not going to be amazing right out of the gates, but if you’re passionate about solving the problem and provide a good honest service, you’ll probably do alright!

Are you planning on opening your own trash can cleaning business? Tell me about it in the comments below — I’m honestly curious how it goes.

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