10 New Trucks that You Won’t Want to Miss for Your Fleet

If you are looking for new trucks in 2018, there are so many great options you can pick from. Most vehicle manufacturers have made considerable improvements in technology, efficiency of engines, and styling for their latest truck models. Whether you are in need of a strong towing capacity, comfortable cabin, excellent off-road capabilities, or a user-friendly technology, you need to know that the current auto market can provide just that.

Apart from that, you need to remember that the issue of budget is quite significant when it comes to acquiring a new truck. Vehicle acquisition should involve a consideration of quality and value. Just because you find a truck at a good price, it does not mean that the truck lacks quality. In fact, there are so many trucks available today that are both affordable and well-performing.  As you narrow down your options, you need to remember that a truck should not only have the features and performance that are appealing to you, but also needs to be within your budget. Knowing the safety history of every vehicle and their reliability scores, average transaction prices, their standard, and the available features is crucial for making an informed decision regarding what you buy.

If you are thinking about buying a new truck, here are ten trucks you will want to include in your fleet.

2018 Fuso Canter 515 Tray

If you are looking to buy a truck, there are so many great options to consider and the 2018 Fuso Canter 515 Tray is certainly one of them. This truck has 30,000 km Service Intervals to ensure your downtime is as minimal as possible so as not to interrupt your business activities. Apart from that, the Fuso has a leading 5 Year / 200,000 km manufacturer warranty, thus offering the best value for money. Other features of this truck include a 150Hp Turbo Diesel Engine, a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, and dual airbags and cruise control. If you are the traditional kind, then you are going to love this truck due to its manual transmission. Even when these features are not a priority to you, the Fuso Canter’s design, power, and ride quality should prove satisfying.

2018 Hino FC 1022-500 Series Tipper

The more you are on the road, the more profitable your business will be, and this can only be possible with a truck that operates at its peak efficiency. The best way to ensuring your business is always operational is to make sure you are using one of those 2018 HINO tippers available in the market. In the current business world, whether you are a builder or a landscaper, nothing can drive a lot more business than a Hino truck. The Hino 500 series is a medium duty automobile and is the safest, most efficient, most comfortable, and best performing truck in the class of medium duty. With this option, you can have access to a combination of torque and power, enhanced fuel efficiency, and a remarkable suite of safety features.

2018 DAF CF 85 Series

It has certainly taken a while, but it appears DAF has finally developed models that are ideal not only for the Australian markets but for different markets across the globe. Trucks in this series are designed with cabs that offer ideal working environment, and these come with greater safety, comfort, and ease of operation. A perfect seating position, optimal accessibility, and exceptional ergonomic position of the controls contribute to the comfort of these trucks, not forgetting the climate-control systems that enable optimal air circulation.

As a business person, you understand how the comfort of a driver could greatly impact your business, and it is through such considerations the DAF trucks have been designed. The DPA (Driver Performance Assistance) assists the driver in an economical way, ensuring their safety while maintaining business profitability. The DPA inspires and motivates drivers to get the best from the truck while utilizing minimal efforts.

2017 International Prostar Primemover

The Prostar Primemover, as the name suggests is a heavy duty machine which you can use for a variety of application without having to worry about its capabilities. This truck is powered using an E5 Cummins X15 with SCR and a 550 horsepower. Drivers can choose from either the manual or the fully automatic transmissions depending on what they find to be ideal for them. Given its design, abilities, power, and capacity, the 2017 International Prostar Primemover can handle a myriad of applications such as single trailer line-haul, tipper and dog work, and 34 pallet B-double assignments.

2018 ISUZU FRR 107-210 Factory Tipper

This truck is the perfect solution for moving rock, sand, or even excavator. The truck has a wide cabin which can carry a load of up to 5.9ton. Apart from that, this truck can tow a load of up to 5.3 tons. This Isuzu truck is powered with a 5.1 liter 207HP TWIN TURBO. If you are in the construction or real estate business, then this truck will not disappoint you in any way. What’s more, it comes at a relatively affordable rate so you don’t need to worry about breaking your bank.

2012 Iveco Acco 2350G

If you are thinking of acquiring a new truck, then the IVECO ACCO 2350 G should be on your mind. This truck comes with a nine-meter steel tray and with the provision of a crane. Its flat tray can be used to carry items such as wooden boxes, metal rails, and other materials of large dimensions. If you are looking for a medium capacity truck you can use for your business dealings, then you should consider the Iveco Acco 2350G automobile.

2017 Hyundai EX8 Tray

One of the greatest advantages of this truck model is the fact that it comes with a tray that can split open at the sides, making it easier for you to load and unload your cargo. Moreover, if you need a truck that makes it possible for you to transport cargo from one point to another, or perhaps you are a contractor who needs to transport supplies to a certain destination, then this truck can be an excellent option for you. The Hyundai E8 also has a midsize dimension which allows you to maneuver and park easily and also features adjustable suspension driver seat which ensures your comfort as you drive.

2018 Fuso Fighter Refrigerated

When it comes to deliveries, lateness should never be an option. It’s no wonder the Fuso Fighter Refrigerated is depended upon by many businesses in the food and catering industry. FUSO makes delivery drivers more productive due to its manual transmission which creeps smoothly in jammed traffic. Moreover, a FUSO truck such as the Fighter Refrigerated offers a wider maintenance interval, thus ensuring you spend less time in the service bay and more time delivering your goods.

2018 Iveco Daily 50C

Despite their appearance, most dual cabs will not carry more than 1000kg in their trays. So, when it comes to trucks capable of carrying massive weights, the 2018 Iveco Daily 50C is certainly the right option for you. With a Euro 5-compliant engine and a payload of more than 3000kg, this truck offers an excellent balance between load-carrying capacity and drivability.

In its cabin, Iveco has done all it could to provide a professional interior. All the surfaces of the cabin are durable hard plastic. There are also two storage tiers within the front passenger and the driver doors.

If a payload of 1000kg is not sufficient and you are in need of a truck with a load-carrying ability and sufficient space, it’s not difficult to consider the Iveco Daily.

2017 Fuso FV54 Beavertail

The Fuso FV54 Beavertail makes it possible for you to complete those difficult tasks with ease and comfort. This truck is suited for all your on-road and off-road usage. The 6×4 drive configuration, in addition to the inter-axle diff lock offers excellent traction and control.

Apart from that, this truck comes with some class leading features which include a 40,000 kilometer service interval which ensures the least downtime possible for your business. Moreover, FV features a state-of-the-art SCR technology with no EGR or DPF, making it possible for the truck to run cooler. In turn, this improves the vehicle’s service intervals and eliminates the need for the truck to undertake a DPF burn off.

The above are some of the best and certainly not the only trucks you would find suitable for your business dealings. Whenever you are planning to buy a new truck, you should keep in mind the reasons for your purchase so you can determine whether a particular truck has the features that will make the intended application possible. You will also want to consider the amount you are willing and able to spend so you don’t end up getting a truck that will leave you without a coin in your pocket. Doing prior research on the types of trucks available along with the amount they cost will help you select a vehicle that is affordable and still offers the features you desire. You can begin your search by visiting TruckDealersAustralia.com.au for the best deals you can get.