Is Rev.com a Quality Freelance Option? One Writer’s Rev.com Freelance Review

When it comes to work-at-home freelance jobs, transcription is a popular option. After all, the work premise is incredibly simple. All you have to do is listen to a recording and type out what is being said, making it highly accessible to computer savvy individuals with great ears. A Rev.com freelance review was something that really interested me as I love a great side hustle.

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So what is Rev.com? It happens to be a freelance website that focuses on transcription services and translations. The company touts blazing fast turnaround speed and a high-quality workforce, making it sound like the ideal option. But, do Rev.com freelance reviews hold up to the hype?

Income Control

To a large degree, Rev.com freelancers have a significant amount of control over their earning potential. You can pick up projects as you see fit, making it easy to work around other obligations.

Additionally, you aren’t necessarily subject to production limits. If you want to put in an eight hour day, you can, as long as there is work available.

Pay Rates

Transcription almost always comes with flat-fee compensation. Generally, you get paid by the job, not by the amount of time it took to get the work done.

For highly effective transcriptionists, this can be a boon. If you’re quick, you can complete more projects in less time, essentially raising your functional hourly rate.

However, if you’re new to transcription, this can be a drawback. It can take time to familiarize yourself with the process, even if you are a fast typist and have good hearing. But, learning curves are common in most lines of work, so this can be overcome with some diligence.

It’s important to note that Rev.com pays weekly via PayPal, so you’ll need an account and a little bit of patience. They list their pay ranges as $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute for transcriptions and $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute for captions.

On the surface, this suggests a pay rate of potentially $24 to $45 per hour. But most people won’t be able to transcribe every minute of audio without having to repeat portions of the recording. Additionally, there are submission and editing steps that take more time, lowering the functional hourly pay rate.

Rev.com Freelance Reviews Based on Working Experience

There aren’t a ton of reviews for Rev.com, and what is out there is mixed. Some people appreciate the flexible arrangement and make a decent living with their skills. Others suggest that the pay rates are somewhat low.

Freelancers also have to follow a strict style guide for their submissions, and it can take a while to learn the process. Additionally, some are caught off-guard by the research requirements, as you may need to spend a lot of time looking up unfamiliar terms or company details.

Ultimately, Rev.com appears to be a legitimate opportunity. However, the work is much more challenging than new transcriptionists may anticipate, and the learning curve is steep. But, with some time and energy, a person could make a decent amount of money on the platform.

Have you tried Rev.com? Tell us about your experience in the comment below?

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