Plan a Mother’s Day Getaway with These Easy Steps

This is the time of year when we rack our brains trying to think of clever and original ideas to show our mothers how much we love them.  Many of them will say, just being with you is all I need, but you know she wants more than that.  Most mothers will let you go the extra mile and make the day special, after all, she wants to have something to brag about when she’s with her bridge club or in her water aerobics class at the gym.  So how can you avoid the long lines at brunch, or make sure she has a seat at the concert she’s been dying to go to?  Planning ahead is the best way.  Making reservations a month in advance of the day can assure you the table you want so you can show her special attention at her favorite restaurant.  If that’s been done to death, try using a Groupon code for Hotels.com and give her a weekend away with her favorite companion.  Again, with advanced planning, you can pull off the surprise of the decade, and give her something to talk about with her friends.

No matter how far you want to go or how much you want to spend, you’ll find a room that fits your style and budget on Hotels.com.  And when you book your room be sure to include a Groupon deal by using a Hotels.com coupon from Groupon to get the lowest price on your booking.  That way, you’ll give her a best view in the city, and have money left over to buy a bunch of roses she can enjoy as well.  You’ll find many codes available on Groupon for Hotels.com.  Some save over 50% off the price of a room, some allow you to book 4-star rooms for as little as $89, and they even offer mystery deals that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

With many college commencement ceremonies slated for May, it’s bound to be a busy time for lots of families.  Saving money on all the festivities will be a priority for most.  But you don’t have to shortchange one to enjoy the other.  If guests are coming from out of town for the ceremony, let them know the best places to stay in town, and offer them help getting the best deals by letting them know they can book their rooms right from their smartphones.  And Hotels.com offers convenient ways to pay, including PayPal.  Many sites don’t do that, so given their vast inventory of rooms, strategic partnerships with the biggest and best chains in the business, and convenient ways to pay, using Hotels.com is the wisest choice for your guest accommodations this year.

If mom wants breakfast in bed, there’s a hotel for that.  If she wants to enjoy a Sunday brunch with live music, you can find that as well.  A view of the waterfront or the mountains is just a click away, and with Groupon, you can click your way to additional savings on their already budget rates.  Give mom something to talk about this Mother’s Day.  Give her the gift of peace and tranquility.  It can be your way of thanking her for putting up with you and your squabbling siblings all those years ago.