Boost Your Business Blog by Writing Awesome Content. Here’s How:

Most businesses these days now have blogs, where they provide great content for loyal customers and prospective clients. With a recent Hubspot survey showing that blogs led to over 50% more patronage by customers, it’s safe to say that if you don’t already have a business blog, you need to jump on board.

Realistically speaking, it’s already tasking running a business. Publishing content on a regular basis might seem like more stress. But there’s no need to worry. Here’s how to boost your business blog by writing awesome content – without hunching over your PC for hours on end.

Use the right keywords

Keywords are essential for creating good content for your blog. Carry out a keyword research to help in the optimization of your written content – before you post them. In every business sector, there are certain words that are relevant to the niche. Find a way to incorporate them into your hyperlinks, images, written content, subheadings and titles. Ensure that they do not look out of place. These words must naturally flow with the entire article.

This is so when internet users put in their queries on search engines like Google, your blog will pop up as a relevant resource on the first (or second) page of search results. It also makes it easy for consumers to know what kind of products and services you offer.

Create content for skimmers

Research shows that online visitors have a short attention span, meaning they don’t carefully go through content to find what they seek. If they cannot seem to find what they’re looking for in 7 seconds or less, they’re likely to bounce off to your competitor’s blog.

The only way to convince readers to stay on your blog is by structuring your blog posts in a way that the paragraphs are short and filled with bullet points, using sub-headings to break long form content and avoiding bulky sentences. Use bold texts where appropriate and ensure that the copy is easily readable.

Include external and internal links

As your blog grows and gets popular, you should learn to add links to older posts you have written. For example, if you run a travel blog, you should include posts from last summer to any new article you intend to publish about the coming summer. Add it as a hyperlink and make sure it doesn’t look out of place.

For instance, instead of just adding a “click here for the best travel tips this summer”, you can simply hyperlink “…some useful travel tips to help you save more this summer”. When Google indexes your content, it takes note of the hyperlink. This way, your blog pops up when a query with similar text is keyed in. You can also cite authority links when making references or stating certain facts.

Lastly, it’s important to learn how to share content on social media with links to your business blog. This way, your followers won’t miss out on the latest posts from you. And don’t forget to include premium photos and attractive graphics to make your content appear original and professional.