Level Head LLC: Oregon Start Up Keeping Drivers Save and Sober

Have you ever been out at the bar and wondered to yourself, “I wonder if I am okay to drive?” While you may not feel impaired, your blood alcohol content may be higher than the legal limit, putting yourself and others in danger. Seeing this problem, Dixie Yagle and her team decided to launch Level Head, LLC. After a lot of preparation and thought, they came up with an idea to help Portland, Oregon citizens stay safe from drunk drivers.

The slogan, “Drink responsibly” is terrific, but Level Head wants to give those words more weight. The main mission of Level Head, LLC is to provide breathalyzer machine kiosks to establishments that serve alcohol in an attempt to educate the drinking population of their blood alcohol content. This is in hopes of reducing the number of people that choose to drink and drive and, hopefully, save lives. Level Head’s business model will work by charging a fee for the kiosks as well as fees for advertising and sponsorships. Their markets are local law enforcement agencies and hospitality establishments.

Each kiosk will be placed within the establishment at no cost to the business owner. There will also be no charge to take the breathalyzer test. Currently, the kiosks are funded by local business advertisements and some sponsorship revenue.

Level Head, LLC is proud to have a product that will provide businesses with instant gratification and spectacular customer service. For business owners, each kiosk has remote ad upload capabilities with onboard Wi-Fi.

The company is excited to see the type of influence the kiosks will have on the community. There is also excitement around building lasting relationships with business owners who want to do their part in keeping the Portland community safe from drunk drivers.

Getting the business started was something the Level Head team was prepared to take slowly (one machine at a time). However, their initial marketing appears to pay off in the form of strong demand for their products by local business owners.

Yagle and her team have started the business almost entirely through frugal bootstrapping. They’ve managed to get their LLC and the entire business running by educating themselves on the processes on the internet, without paying expensive consulting fees. They’ve also engaged in low cost guerilla marketing on Facebook and have worked their personal contacts to build awareness of their product in the Portland, Oregon business community.

The Level Head team is excited to start saving the Portland area from drunk drivers, one kiosk at a time.

Learn more about Level Head, LLC on their website.

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