Zero Sum Budgeting

Do you know where your money goes? Sure, most people account for major expenses — car payments and insurance, monthly mortgages, loan obligations, etc. Many consumers, however, don’t think twice about picking up a coffee every day before work or how much they spend annually on subscription services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. These luxuries are great, and they may even be a priority to help you unwind and recover from a hard day of work. But without accounting for them, you may miss your savings targets or be left wondering why you can’t afford that vacation you wanted.

One of the best things about zero-sum budgeting is that it never says “don’t go out for food” or “don’t rent a movie tonight.” Instead, it gives you a comprehensive look at your finances and helps you prioritize based on your real income. This knowledge actually gives you greater control over those “wants” in your life. For example, maybe you can nix coffees in the morning and pick up a new TV at the end of the year — all while meeting every one of your other monthly and yearly financial obligations.

Are you ready to plug the leaks in your budget? Start by learning more about zero-sum budgeting. This is an excellent way to take control of your bank account and make purchases with total peace of mind and confidence. Take this quiz to see how much you’ve learned and to review exactly how some simple calculations can give you greater control over your life.