What Are the Various Colors of Diamonds?

glass-1462399_640Are you wondering about the various colors of diamonds? Some people believe that a diamond is just a diamond and they do not vary in color. This is a false assumption since diamonds come in different shades, colors, and they even created a diamond color scale thar’s typically used by jewelers all across the world.

We will provide a detailed explanation of the diamond color scale for you now, so you can use this to determine the color of the diamond you’re about to buy and whether or not it might be worth the price.

Colorless Diamonds: Grades D through F

When a diamond does not have any kind of yellow tint, it is considered a colorless diamond. These diamonds are incredibly popular because they possess the most value and they are very rare.

The price of these diamonds will vary based on the particular grade. If you have a D grade diamond, it will cost about $9500. As an example, if you have an E grade diamond, it will cost around $8250. If you have an F grade diamond it will cost around $7500.

Near Colorless Diamonds: Grades G through J

Buying diamonds in this particular color bracket lowers the price compared to colorless diamonds, but the color in these diamonds is so subtle that it’s very difficult for anyone to notice it during the comparison. Diamond grades G through H are very difficult to notice when they have color. And when a diamond is graded I through J, it’s still difficult to notice the color, but less so than the grades above it.

Faint Color Diamonds: Grades K through M

Faint color diamonds are represented as grades K, L, and M. When we reach this grade of diamond, you can definitely expect to notice a yellow tint. It’s very clearly not colorless anymore, although it is hardly noticeable since the coloration is visible but not too recognizable by the naked eye.

Faint color diamonds are in high demand. They are very close to being colorless, yet they are still very attractive and cost a lot less than colorless diamonds and near colorless diamonds. So this is an excellent option if you’re looking for a beautiful diamond at a more affordable price.

Very Light Color Diamonds: Grades N through R

At this stage of the game, diamonds that fall under this grade range have color and it’s very noticeable. Just about all of the diamonds in this range are going to have a tint to them. Some will tend to skew more to the yellow side and others will have more of a light brown tint. These diamonds are significantly cheaper than other choices.

Light Color Diamonds: Grades S through Z

Finally, light color diamonds clearly have lots of color within them. Believe it or not, these diamonds are typically in demand more than very light color diamonds. The color itself is the reason why people want these diamonds because it’s interesting to have a yellow or brown diamond.


Thanks for taking the time to understand the various colored diamonds based on the diamond color scale.