How to Keep Your Startup Lean

entrepreneur-593358_640Whether you have just started your business, are about to, or sometime in the future will, you should know how to keep your startup lean! To make your business successful you should adopt the “lean” approach because you will be surprised how quickly your business will be successful. Let’s dive right into how you can keep your startup lean.

Why should I make my startup lean?

If you haven’t yet received the success you have been wanting or were planning to have then you should adopt this approach. Even if you haven’t started your business you should consider coming into the sea with the lean foot forward. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, about 150 companies file for commercial bankruptcy each day and you shouldn’t want to be one of them. A lot of the times companies fail is due to the lack of capital or the misuse of their capital. The startup lean approach basically means: what’s the cheapest and quickest way you can market your business with using the minimum of minimum! Sometimes the best way to get your company successful quickly is by becoming a lean startup!

How can I keep my startup lean?

There are many ways to keep your startup lean. For starters you should take advantage of all the free help and technologies out there. Doing so, will help you in so many different ways. You should check out HubSpot, CRM, and Slack, for your business because for one they are free and for two you can  HubSpot will help your company attract visitors, convert your leads, and close your customers. CRM stands for Customer relationship management, it will assist you when it comes to customer retention and will improve your business relationships. Slack is a free service that allows you to stay in touch and chat with your employees so they can feel the door is always open! Use them all it will really help your company for the better.

Another way you can keep your startup lean is by engaging in creative marketing tactics that take no more than sweat equity such as social media and organic SEO. You should take advantage of all that social media gives to you for free. Social media is used by everyone all over the world and can get your company name out there and can also keep you engaged with your clients and potential clients.

Organic SEO is another great and effective way to drive traffic to your business. You should write guest articles in exchange for a link back to your website and start writing yourself a blog to tell the world about your company! Google, is a very big search website that billions of people around the globe uses, get familiar with Google and the way they reward companies by doing white hat SEO. By doing so will get you to the first page of Google and therefore drive more traffic to your website. “Despite having strong advertising, our bootstrapped organic efforts have been paying dividens through free consumer education efforts” says Alex, President of ComfortUp.com.

Don’t Outsource Everything

The final and best tip I can give you is start getting used to doing more work. It may seem useless to do a task or two when you run your business or are going to run your business but believe me, outsourcing these tasks that you can do will take money away from your company and the last thing you need to be doing is misusing your capital. Even if you can afford to outsource don’t because there will be a time where you will need that capital. Think of the future and if you have to work a couple hour more think of the long term results not the present because thinking of the present will make you outsource and go on a spending spree when you really shouldn’t. Stick to making your startup lean and you will find yourself having a very successful business.