How To Save Time & Money When Buying A Car

When it comes to buying a car there are some things you can do to save money. Like checking your credit history and knowing the true price of the car you are interested in can be a great asset. You should know just what you have to work with in terms of payments, and just how much of a discount you might qualify for before you start negotiating the sale of a car. Below are some great tips to help you save time and money when buying a new car for one very smooth car buying experience.

Know the Invoice Price

One of the greatest assets in buying a car is using to research the true value of a car. Before you start to wheel and deal, talk financing options, or even consider a rebate – you should know the true market value of a car. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing what that car offers at what price, and can be very certain that you won’t get charged a high sticker price when the car is an average of $5,000 cheaper on

Check the Manufacturer’s Website for Rebates

You can save loads of money if you simply research rebates and tax incentives. Not only do manufacturers offer rebates, but some dealers offer rebates as well. Then there are state tax incentives, as well as federal tax incentives on cars like hybrids. Simply check out the deals online, then give the dealer a call to talk about more deals. That way you can really lock in a good price before you even start to talk about a trade-in.

Get Your Own Financing

Talking finance to a car dealer is like digging your own grave. They don’t care about your interest rate, they don’t care if you end up upside down on a car, or if you make your payments either. This means that you could end up paying double for what the car is worth. That’s why it’s honestly best to get your own financing through a bank or financial institution. Bankers are more likely to help you stay up on a loan, because they don’t want you to fault on your payments. You can usually get a better deal if you just go in and tell the bank what you want, how much you want to pay, and what you can afford.

Time Your Purchase

Believe it or not there are actually great times to buy a car and not so great times. One of the best days of the year is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. While everyone is ringing in the new year, you can be getting the best deal ever on a new car. Why? Most car dealers don’t sell many cars at the end and beginning of the year. Therefore, they are more likely to agree to your terms, give you a massive rebate or tax credit, along with a few package perks, and toss in a free t-shirt with your free maintenance too.


Do not buy a car on your first visit. When it comes to making a sound investment in a vehicle, that you are going to drive for 10 years or more, you should shop around. can help you understand just what you are looking for in a car, as well. You should also compare car models and could even consider buying a hybrid car. In their article “Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Hybrid Vehicle“, Ideal Cleaning discuss why you should switch to a hybrid vehicle and how they make a difference. You should also be comparing financing, as well as lease options. If you are the type of person who likes to trade vehicles in often, this can be a better investment for you. Just remember that you’re in control because you are the consumer. So, you should buy what you want at the price you are willing to pay.”