Get the best broadband to optimise your productivity

In the days of dial-up modems, waiting for a website to load was a given and something that everyone experienced. With the introduction of broadband internet, waiting for long periods for a website to load all of the images and text is no longer an issue. However, since internet connections have improved, so have the average sizes of files and web pages. A basic broadband connection is often not enough to have a smooth internet experience anymore. Thankfully, broadband technology continues to improve allowing for even faster connections and less time waiting.

Several types of internet users require the most out of their line such as a business that needs to download large files on a regular basis, modern professions such as being a YouTuber, or as an online gamer. The faster the internet connection and more efficient the provider (check outĀ centurylink internet plans), the better it is for their productivity.

In this article, we will examine the best options that are available in the UK through providers such as Broadband Choices.

Fibre optic broadband

The fastest connection available is a fibre optic connection. It boasts download speeds of up to 100mb/s in most areas. It leaves a basic broadband connection in the dust. It can allow for the smoothest internet experience available in the UK. This means that you will be able to stream movies in HD without ever having to pause and wait for it to load. It is the preferred choice individuals and businesses that need a little extra from their connection. It uses light instead of electricity to transfer data instead of electricity over copper cables like a normal broadband connection. This means that there is less resistance, ultimately giving the user greater speeds and often less interference from things like storms.

Most packages come with unlimited data usage and can range in speeds from 38mb/s to 100mb/s depending on which provider you decide to use. It is available in around 90% of businesses and homes in the UK. To check your availability, simple go to your service provider of choice and enter your postcode and instantly find out if you can take advantage of fibre optic broadband.

4G-LTE and 4G LTE Advanced

Many people know that 3G has been an effective way to connect to the internet wirelessly. The technology has been upgraded with the introduction of 4G-LTE. It is worlds faster than its predecessor. 4G-LTE can reach theoretical speeds of up to 150mb/s download and 50mb/s upload. With this speed, downloads and browsing the internet will be lighting fast. The 4G-LTE Advanced version can reach staggering speeds of up to 300mb/s download and 150mb/s upload making it one of the fastest wireless internet connections in the UK and throughout the world. In most cases, people can expect to see speeds of 20mb/s download and 10mb/s upload on 4G-LTE and 42mb/s down and 32mb/s up with the 4G-LTE Advanced version in real world situations.

In general, a mobile internet connection such as 4G is vastly more expensive for the same amount of data usage than fixed broadband connections. It does bring the added advantage of being mobile and better suited for people who require fast connection speeds while on the move. If you are looking for fast internet while saving money, a fixed broadband connection is still the best choice.

Standard broadband

Even though a standard broadband connection that has been around for some time now, it is still able to perform well in most situations. It is available in more areas than fibre optic broadband and 4G. For people living in areas that have yet to receive internet upgrades, it remains the best choice. It is cheaper than other modern forms of connections and it can still reach average speeds of up to 17mb/s download. Furthermore, it is easy to find great deals that come with a normal telephone line and sometimes mobile services too. Modems are inexpensive and setup is less of a hassle than Sky fibre optic broadband.

In a world where time can cost you money and with many businesses relying on an internet connection to operate, a fast internet connection is not just a luxury but a necessity. Improve your productivity today by getting a faster internet connection.