Fitness: The Most Critical Part of Your Day

Howdy Frugalpreneurs! Instead of focusing on your business or your finances today, we’re talking about something that should come before all that but usually doesn’t. That’s right, fitness!

One of the greatest copywriters of all time reminded me of this while I was reading The Boron Letters. This book is a fantastic collection of letters from an imprisoned Gary C. Halbert to his son Bond on how to make money and be successful.

In Halbert’s first letter, he doesn’t mention a lick of business. Instead, he focuses on the importance of health and physical fitness. Specifically, how daily exercise first thing in the morning primes your body and brain to perform at its best for the rest of the day.

So do you have a daily morning workout?

Cue the excuses

I’m too busy. Workouts are confusing. It’s too exhausting to do every day. I don’t want to pay for a trainer. I hate running. I can’t seem to stay motivated.

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard them all. And if we are being honest, I’ve made them myself.

Well, do I have some swell news to share. I think I’ve discovered the perfect daily morning workout for us Frugalpreneurs and I’m here to share.

Swiss Army Knife of Fitness

Imagine a routine light enough to do every day, but hard enough to melt fat, make you strong and improve your balance and flexibility. There are only two movements to master and the workout takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Best of all, the equipment is cheap, you can have it delivered with free shipping offers online and you can do it at home.

Sound too good to be true?

Welcome to the World of Kettlebells

kettlebell fitness

A Kettlebell: Cannonball with a handle attached

If you’ve never heard of a kettlebell. Don’t worry. Only in the last 20 years have they started appearing in US gyms (thanks mostly to Pavel Tsatsouline).

Pavel knows hundreds of movements, circuits, and routines to perform with kettlebells, but after decades of research and experimentation, he believes he has found the minimum effective dose of kettlebell training.

Enter Simple and Sinister

Here’s what the Simple and Sinister fitness program looks like:

Time: 20-30 minutes
Equipment: 2 Kettlebells

  • Warmup: 5 minutes
  • Swings: 50 each arm – 5 minutes
  • Turkish Get-ups: 5 each arm – 5-10 minutes


Instead of changing your routine, you gradually increase the kettlebell weight. The standards and recommended starting weights can be found in the book Simple and Sinister.

Just like your business, you’ll work on this each day. Little by little, you become stronger, healthier and more productive. Best of all, your business will benefit from all that extra energy you are generating.

Fitness is one of three keystone habits to master as you are climbing the ladder to financial success. Master it early for an exponential payoff.

Next Actions:

  • Buy Pavel’s Simple and Sinister Book
  • Learn the “Swing” and “Turkish Get-up” (Get a local trainer if you can afford it, otherwise Youtube!)
  • Buy two kettlebells of appropriate weight to start
  • Use an Excel sheet to track your progress (I use this one)

And…as Pavel would say:

Repeat until strong.