70 Trades Review

free business case templatesHave you heard about 70Trades? It is a new leader among Forex brokers and, like many other companies, it is offering its services through robo-advisors. But, what does 70Trades have that the others don’t?

About 70Trades 

You may think the name 70Trades is a bit odd or even plain but the name assigned to the company actually speak to the knowledge of its creators. The individuals that developed the company figured out that it takes about 70 trades for an investor to gain experience.

What Does 70Trades Have to Offer?

First and foremost, 70Trades is not a scam. Many people have had the idea that the company is scamming people out of their money, however, that is simply not the case. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. 70Trades is able to provide consistent value to its clients across the board. The company also offers its customers full mobile accessibility for their accounts and many other greats features!

Virtual Tools – One of the most notable services provided by the company is the tools in which it offers its clients. By signing up with 70Trades you get the opportunity to have guidance when building your portfolio. Unlike other robo-advisors, however, you are able to go in and tweak your portfolio yourself. The company also offers some visualization tools (like graphing) to help people “see” their investments rather than just read numbers.

Counseling – Compared to other similar companies, 70Trades handles coaching spectacularly. Each new client receives educational materials based on what type of trader you are (Beginner, Experienced or Professional). With this “welcome packet” you also get courses on different trading categories like gold and oil. The information each client is given upon opening a 70Trades account is in depth and great for people who are trying to get started in investing.

Customer Care – You don’t have to rely on the welcome packet for all of your trading advice either. You can get 70Trades tips through the company’s 24/5 (Monday through Friday) customer service. The customer service department is great and can especially provide guidance to newer traders.

70Trades is for Beginners and Professionals

In my opinion, the biggest difference between 70Trades and other robo-advisor companies is that 70Trades offers different services for different trading experience levels. And, even better, the company is able to assist traders in their growth.

That is what 70Trades is all about. Using the company’s tools investors are able to begin with little-to-no knowledge about trading and grow along with 70Trades. As mentioned above, there are three separate groups (Beginner, Experienced and Professional) and most 70Trades customers start as beginners and advance within their own portfolios.


There is no doubt that I would recommend 70Trades if I was asked about robo-advising companies. The company makes learning about trading easy and, if you ever have a problem, 70Trades customer service is always there to assist you. If you’re looking for a great way to start virtually trading, check out 70Trades. You’ll be glad you did!

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