Ten Free Business Case Templates You Will Actually Use

free business case templates

If you want to make sure you get approval for your next client bid or even a bank to approve your business loan, you’ll need to write a top notch business case.

In case you don’t know what that is, a business case is much like a proposal, except it’s written in more detail and is used to convince someone to approve something. Meaning if you’re trying to win a new client contract, it could mean the difference between getting paid or spending more time seeking out new clients.

Not sure how to put together a winning one? Not to worry. Read on to find out some free business case templates you can use to win your next contract or get approved for a business loan.



This website provides multiple business cases and proposals with multiple formats. You can choose from ones where you write detailed paragraphs, to ones with tables you simply fill in. Many of these are from government websites and include sample business cases for you to check out. You can download in various formats, from Microsoft Word documents to PDFs.



There are only three to choose from here, there is one offered in a spreadsheet format. It could be much easier filling it all out as you don’t have to fuss with tables looking right or in a consistent size. Although that one is shorter that other templates (9 pages compared to 15 or so), it’s still a good option to consider.


Project Management Docs

This free business case template isn’t a downloadable file like the other two resources above, but it does provide at a glance what the template looks like. If you’re also one of those that likes to type out your own documents and just want a quick guide, this one is worth checking out.


Clarety Consulting

This business case template is in a downloadable Microsoft Word format and the download page provides a brief outline of what the business case is check that out before getting it. The cool thing about this template is is provides links within the document to specific parts, an earned value profile section as well as uses the return on investment approach to rate projects.

How to Use These Free Business Case Templates

Remember, a business case template is only as useful as the type of content you have to fill it out with. That means you should plan carefully before you even look at these templates. If you do, it can help you figure out what you need to plan out, but you’ll save time writing out notes and organizing them before you even write your business case.

Once you’ve written out your business case, make sure it’s laid out correctly. You’ll want to have the sample template or format for your business cases, especially if you are submitting one to the same organization. It might be a good idea to use the same one (once you’ve looked at the resources above and decided on a template) for all business cases. That way you’ll ensure that you’re consistent.