6 Small Business Problems and Solutions

Are you just starting your business and want to make sure you don’t fail?

Or have you already started your business and want to keep gaining momentum?

You’re in luck. If you want to be a successful business owner, you need to be aware of problems before they start.

Check out the infographic below or keep scrolling to read the top 6 small business problems and solutions


Getting Retainer Customers

If you don’t have regular customers you won’t have a business! Make sure you not only see out what people want and the solution can offer them, but how you can create long term solutions for existing or future customers. When you’re offering a solution, it could be something like a monthly subscription, a product they can’t live without or even a way to have existing customers refer you more people.


Conquering Cash Flow

It doesn’t matter how profitable your business is, if you have cash flow issues, your business will go under. Get organized with accounting software and other money management tools. You should also create systems that are easy to implement and set aside time to review them regularly. One system you should really consider is have a business emergency fund and a system to follow up on invoices (if you have a service based business).


Keeping Mojo Going With Employees

It’s super important that your employees (even if it’s just one) buy into what your company is and your long-term vision. Make sure you ask for their feedback and show them that you appreciate the work they do. Examples of showing appreciation can include giving bonuses, providing free coffee or tea, and even just making sure to say “thank you’ regularly.


Being Relevant

No matter what niche you’re in, it’ll constantly change. If you’re not on top of the trends or what customers are currently looking for, you’re going to lose out. Make to see what your competitors are doing and schedule in time for continuing education. Examples include taking online courses from industry leaders, attending conferences in your industry, networking with competitors to see if you can collaborate on projects and even reading books.


Cost and Expenses

Too  many expenses can keep profits down or being profitable in the first place. Ruthless cut back on unnecessary expenses and find alternative services and goods that serve the purpose in your business.It’s always a good idea to go through all your books with a fine tooth combed to see what you’re actually using in your business. If there are any services you’ve been paying for that are barely used (if at all), consider cancelling it and working with a one-time service if applicable.


Fatigue AKA Doing It All
It’s natural you want to do it all, especially in the beginning stages of your business. If you’re fatigued, you’re not going to organized which will lead to critical mistakes. Remember to pace yourself and delegate tasks if you need to. Delegating doesn’t have to be expensive, you can always hire temporary contractors to help you take some of the load off.