7 Productivity Tips When Working From Home


When you work from home, there’s a lot of distractions. From piles of laundry to social media, there’s a world away from work vying for your attention. It helps to have strategies in place when you need to get work done.

Get More Done When You Work From Home

Most people who work remotely find their productivity increases when compared to working in a company office. To make sure you are working at full potential, plan a more efficient day. Find more time to get the work you need done by streamlining the process with these tips.

  1. Dress for Work

It’s easy to roll out of bed, brush your teeth and drink your coffee at your desk, but it informs the rest of your day. Getting dressed in more professional attire tells your head it’s time to get in the game. Clean pajama bottoms don’t count, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Comfortable yoga pants and a work-appropriate top can set you up feeling like a professional, even at home.

  1. Establish a Routine

To prepare for the day, it helps to have an established set of priorities that guide your time — that’s true no matter where you work. But when you at home, your mind still sees the priorities of home life. Setting a routine trains your mind to focus on work, rather than the distractions that come with working from your home.

  1. Create an Office Space

You probably have carved a spot in your home perfect for what you do, but if it doesn’t look professional, it’s a little like wearing your pajamas when you work — your head’s not in the game. Create an area in your home that is only for working, and make it look as professional as possible. Structure it with professional furniture with clean lines and some bright colors. Situate it close to a window, too.

  1. Take Quality Breaks

Avoid the temptation to eat lunch at your desk. Take a couple of 15 minutes breaks away from your computer. Those few minutes won’t make or break what’s happening with your work, regardless of your industry. It will, however, help you establish a routine that gives your mind a respite. Scientific research has proven that taking quality breaks boosts productivity.

  1. Create a Support Network

Getting stuck in your own work-bubble can be easy. You get single-minded and lose sight of the world around you. This phenomenon is less likely to happen when you are not working remotely — there are people, meetings and water-cooler breaks to distract you. When you work remotely, you must create your own water-cooler. A few ways to do this are:

  • Find other people who do what you do. If they are local, find a place to meet up.
  • Take your partner a cup of coffee. Fifteen minutes talking about family or friends with someone you love can truly offer you perspective on work-life balances.
  • Have lunch outside of your home with other friends, especially the ones who make you laugh.
  • Take your dog for a walk. Dogs are great listeners, and they will be on your side no matter what happened during your day. Plus, the exercise helps clear the brain.
  1. Avoid Social Media

Social media can be respite from work, but it’s not always the best one. It still keeps you tied to your computer, and it sends you down rabbit holes. Also, people don’t always engage in positive ways, and sometimes they don’t engage at all. Find something to do away from your computer for a break. If you know this is a pull for you, find an app that stops you from using the internet for a certain amount of time..

  1. Stick With Your Finish Time

One reason remote workers get more done is they can do work whenever they want, rather than only during the 9-5 workday. That kind of scheduling is a gift for someone who is a night owl or a super early rise, but only if they stick with a finish time. Being always on and available means you never take breaks, and your mind needs downtime to function better the next day. Setting a schedule also means your coworkers know when to expect you to be available.

Keep Remote Work Professional for Better Productivity

Creating balance when you work at home is crucial — avoid being always available and treat work like, well, work. Studies suggest people who work from home are more productive, happier and more creative. Whether you are part of a remote team workforce or a home business owner, better efficiency means everyone is happier at the end of the day. You may also have time to throw in that load of laundry.

Anum Yoonn is a blogger, writer and sustainability advocate who loves sharing her hard-earned tips on money and lifestyle. Catch her on Twitter @anumyoon for updates about her blog, Current on Currency.