How to Scale Your Business: Going From 2 Employees to 20

There comes a point when you want to figure out how to scale your business. Maybe you’re burned out from all the work, or have too much work (particularly if you’re a freelance writer) coming in that you no longer can handle that and take care of all the administrative tasks. Or you just know you need help in order to hit higher income levels.

All that is called growing pains. And it’s perfectly normal. Once you do decide to scale up, you need to be in the right mindset first, then get a good system and set of tools to get you going on your way.


Work on Your Mindset

The first and probably most important thing to do is you work on your mindset. It’s normal to feel weird or even upset at letting go some of the tasks you have over your business. After all, your business is your baby and letting go of some of that control seems scary.

Shift your mindset into thinking of your business as a team effort. There are people who have skills you aren’t good at or have the time to learn. Why not take advantage of the expertise out there and have them strengthen your business even further?

So think of it as not someone helping you, but helping your business. And once you have free time you can use that to brainstorm more ideas, such as new products or services you can create. Even using that extra time to relax and unwind can do wonders for your business.


Get a Loan or Reinvest In Your Business

Getting a business loan might seem scary, but if you want to play big in business this year, it might mean you need a bit more capital. This means looking at available options for a small business loan florida or similar in your area. There are lots of fairly reasonable options for small business loans and they won’t force you to take out a bigger amount than you need. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you have a solid plan in place. That means budgeting out that loan money and planning out where you will spend it to give you the most ROI. Most importantly, make a plan to pay it back and still have enough for cash flow purposes.

If you insist on bootstrapping, then you’ll probably want to take more of your profits and invest it into your business.  This means you might have to take home less money in the short- run, but your business will thank you in the long run.


Hire Someone to Create Systems and Processes

If nothing else, find someone to go through your systems and daily processes with a fine tooth comb to make sure you’re running your business as efficiently as possible. This person can help you create systems for different aspects of your business and suggest tools (if you don’t already have them) that will maximize productivity. Those systems can really show you how to scale your business.

Even if you have things in place, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. You’d definitely want to find ways to be able to communicate what you need, want and the goals of your business. So something you might want to consider is to create systems to come up with and share your ideas and then something to help you take action on those ideas.


Learning how to scale your business doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right mindset, systems and tools, you’ll be on your way to business success.

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