Creating a Business Blog: Make Sure You Keep It Fresh

As if creating a business blog isn’t hard enough, trying to keep things fresh after a while is what gets most blogs in trouble. It’s pretty common sense that you need to write about the same niche, but you’ll need to constantly come up with unique and interesting things that your audience will connect to.

Remember, your blog isn’t just a way to get ranked on Google. It’s a way to showcase what you and your brand ultimately have to offer. If you’re getting sick of providing useful content to your audience, what makes you think they’ll care about you?

Even if you’re totally passionate about your blog and want to make it the best it can be, it’s natural to feel like you’re run out of steam even if you’ve been creating your business blog for ages. Don’t let the whole idea of writing and coming up with topics drain you, though. Use some of the following tips and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Create a Multimedia Blog

Sometimes, the best ways to keep things fresh isn’t necessarily to create new content, but to use what you already have and turn it into another format, tweaking when necessary. Maybe you feel a bit burnt out from writing. Can you turn what you have into maybe a video, infographics, or even an audio file?

Another advantage to all this is that you might reach different types of audiences. There are plenty that doesn’t like reading blogs but can spend all day watching videos or listening to podcasts. So use your existing blog posts, add in some multimedia element and see if you can promote those again. You just never know.

Read Your Blog or Social Media Comments

Sometimes you have ideas right in front of you and you don’t even know it! Take a few minutes to read blog comments or even what people say on your social media posts. If you have a pretty engaged audience, sometimes they will give you suggestions on what to write. These can be in the form of questions or direct suggestions.

Don’t ignore them and listen to your audience. After all, they’re the ones who’ll eventually buy what you’re selling.

Read Some of Your Favorite Blogs or Forums

It doesn’t matter if these blogs or forums are related to your industry. That’s the point. And when you start to read things you enjoy or participate in forums, you might be able to draw some nuggets you can use for your blog.

The even cooler thing is you may be approaching your niche in a unique way by combining different topics. So make sure you aren’t only consuming content in your niche so you can keep finding inspiration everywhere you go.

Reading also helps make you a better writer. You can even take the time to dissect favorite posts, see why they’re so popular, and see what you can borrow for your posts too.

Finding ways to make sure your business blog is fresh shouldn’t be hard. You just need to be willing to open your mind to different possibilities, listen to your audience, and you’ll be left wondering why you were burnt out from our blog before.

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