Best Holiday Gifts for the Solopreneur or Business Owner


As if it’s not hard enough getting holiday gifts for your friends and family, what about the solopreneur or business owner in your life?

Most of them work from home, so getting them a thoughtful gift means you’ll have to find something that can help them be productive as they’re slogging through work at home.

Don’t fret, though. There are lots of fun and useful gifts out there that are perfect for the solopreneur or business owner in your life. Here are five for you to start with.


Scan Marker


Forget clunky office hardware, use this cool scanner instead! This scanner is around the size of a few highlighters and plugs into your USB port on your laptop or computer. The cool thing is they pride themselves as being a digital typewriter/highlighter as well. All you do is scan any image or document onto your PC or Mac. If there’s any type of text, it’ll compile that into any application of your choosing.

Other cool features include text translation into 40 different languages and the ability to listen to text being scanned. Which means there are so many uses for this device, from the time-crunched solopreneur who wants to read a book quickly, or a business owner who wants to scan their handwritten notes without the need to type them out.


The Baristeur


Solopreneurs are known for loving their coffee to perk up their productivity. So what better way to help them get a head start by giving them the ability to get their cup of joe right when they wake up?

Basically, what this machine does is help brew a lovely cup of coffee or freshly brewed cup of tea in the morning. The idea is that you’ll get an alarm but also get to hear the sound of bubbling water.

This machine has a spot to keep your milk, sugar or extra coffee/tea so you don’t have to worry about not having your perfect cup. If you happen to wake before the alarm, there is a button that instantly makes your cup for you.

A Portable Hard Drive

Yeah, most solopreneurs and business owners work on the cloud, but let’s take a bet right now and see how many have lost precious files because of a bad internet connection or their computer somehow died on them.

Having a portable hard drive is just another way a solopreneur can save their files so if something does happen to it, there’s yet another backup source.

These don’t need to be clunky, and there are many inexpensive ones out there that have a lot of storage space, so he or she can store as much as their heart desires.

A Portable Battery Pack

Yeah, this is one is pretty obvious, but a solopreneur can never have enough of these! Imagine taking amazing Instagram photos only to run low on batteries on your phone, or trying to finish a project for a client and your tablet dies on you.

If you can spring for it, try one with multiple USB ports so you can easily plug in multiple devices. These ones tend to be clunkier, but it might be worth the extra weight.

Choosing a gift for a business owner or solopreneur doesn’t have to be hard. Any one of the above gifts will be sure to make your friend or loved one grin from ear to ear.