How to Design Your Business Website on the Cheap


For anyone who has an online business or are looking to build a successful one, having a professionally looking website can make or break it. It’s the place where your potential clients or customers see you first and that first impression can last a lifetime. It’s the difference between them wanting to stay to contact you for your services, sign up for your email list or buy from you straight away.

It doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on a website, especially if you’re bootstrapping or are just getting started. It also doesn’t make sense to do it all yourself either unless you’re a web developer or are gifted in all things to do.

Luckily, there are ways to design your business website on the cheap that doesn’t involve doing everything yourself.

Use a Premade WordPress Theme

You don’t need a fancy or completely original for your business website to look professional. If you look at some successful businesses (mine included), it’s actually a premade theme. All that’s important right now is that you’re clear on your offerings or services and present yourself professionally. That means having a clean design, good website copy and an easy way for clients and customers to contact you.

The official WordPress site has thousands of free templates to choose from. In fact, some of these are free versions of premium themes so you know they’re high quality.

Also check out online artist marketplaces like Creative Market where you can purchase inexpensive themes, some as low as $20. There are also subscription services where you can access themes for less than $100.

Once your business takes off you can worry about having a more original design, but for now, free or less than $100 can take you really far.

Outsource Abroad

Ok, this one might be a bit controversial, but hiring skilled developers from countries like India or other places with a low cost of living might be a good idea. Yes, you may not want to hire someone outside of your own country, but these developers are skilled, if not more so and also need to work.

To look for skilled work abroad, websites like UpWork offer a wide variety of talent. You can check out user portfolios and ratings to see what they’ve done for previous clients. All you have to do then is to post a job to what you want and negotiate terms with them directly.

Work with a Design Student

If outsourcing abroad bothers you, don’t fret. All you have to do is approach your local art college to see if there is anyone willing to help you out with designing your business website on the cheap. It might help if you know someone at the school who can recommend you, but you can always approach a program director or another contact to see who you can ask.

A student would be more than willing to charge less to build up their portfolio or even ask you for a testimonial or the ability to use it in their portfolio. To start, just talk to the student you might want to work with about your ideas and goals for the website and see where that takes you.


Designing a professional looking business website doesn’t have to be expensive. That doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself either. Find what option you’re most comfortable with,