How to Tell if it’s Worth Spending Money on That Online Course

Is it worth it to spend money on that online course

Online courses are no doubt one of the best investments you can make when it comes to accelerating the growth of your business. You have the opportunity to learn from those who’ve done what you hope you achieve, help fast track your path to success and get to meet others on the same path (if the course includes access to a mastermind group).

But is it worth spending on online courses? In other words, how will you know if you will actually benefit from the materials offered inside the course?

Obviously it’s a different answer for everyone as we all have various needs and wants in our business. But having a general guideline really helps when you’re deciding whether or not it’s worth it to part with your hard earned cash.

Not sure whether to take the plunge? Use the following questions as a guide to help you.


Do You Trust the Instructor?

This is a biggie. Even if the course material sounds like something you’d get a lot of use out of, not trusting in what the instructor can deliver will really make or break your experience with it.

If you like the course but don’t really know what the course instructor is all about or what they stand for, take the time to see what makes them tick. Check out their blog, website or freebies. You can even ask around for trusted recommendations from people you know to help you decide.


Will You Commit to Finishing This Course?

No matter how cost effective a course is, you’re only wasting money if you don’t complete it. Not only are you wasting money on the actual cost of the course itself, but you’re potentially losing out on money you could be making as a result of not finishing the course.

A good rule of thumb is to realistically look at your schedule and estimate how much time commitment you can schedule to complete the course.  If you can’t, then don’t lie to yourself about whether or not you can complete it.
Will you see an ROI from This Course 6 Months Down the Line?

The point of taking a course is to improve something in your business. That means the money you pay for this course is an investment into your future. If not, you’re just throwing money down the drain.

Even if the course doesn’t teach you skills that directly show you how to make more money (like a freelance writing pitch course for example), all skills will help you at some point.

For example, maybe you’re taking a productivity course. Will this course help you with streamlining process to the point where you may not need your VA as many hours anymore, hence saving you money? Or will it help you write articles faster so you’re making more per hour?

A good rule of thumb is to see where your income is now, and how much the course can help you potentially earn or save half a year from now.


Do The Testimonials Showcase Results You Want to Achieve?

A lot of courses showcase testimonials to help show the value on what it has to offer. But take a careful look at them and see if those students have achieved results you’re looking to get. If other people have gotten outcomes that you want or that the course promises to deliver, chances are it might be a good fit.

Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out whether this course is not only right for your needs, but whether or not it’s a good one or you right now. Maximizing your earnings is not only smart, but a necessary step to having a successful business. And choosing the right online course can help you on that journey.