Frugal Feature: How A Digital Marketing Agency Serves Customers

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Digital marketing and advertising has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Companies are now using this space to drive new leads and engage with new and existing customers. Research has shown influential customers engage with a particular brand through digital media even while watching their advert in the television or reading a special offer in a magazine.

Searching for a digital marketing agency such as Media Whiz brings up a lot of information which gives an idea of their role and the services they perform. The companies have a set of tools through which, they create essential elements of an online campaign that allows their customers to reach and target the most valuable customers.

Here’s a list of some duties that a digital marketing agency like Media Whiz are expected to perform;

1.  Social media management and marketing

It’s been a while since social media went main stream, and now more businesses are looking to increase their social media visibility. Out of the total number of online web users on the internet, 30% of them are always active on social media, so it’s important for brands to get themselves out there.  Apart from informing potential and existing customers about new promotions, competitions and announcements, online marketing companies are expected to encourage them to engage with the brand.

It’s not easy for businesses to remain active on all social channels and engage with their customers as they already have lots going on. Furthermore, social media management is not limited to managing just a Facebook account; there are other sites that are used regularly such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr etc, so digital marketing companies ease the burden by connecting with the customers of the businesses while coming up with strategies to optimize customer engagement.

2.  Search engine optimization

It’s no longer easy to for any website to rank well in search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO is required by businesses to attract organic visitors to their corporate web pages. Digital agencies create an SEO strategy which includes different tools such as content writing, link building, guest posting, content marketing etc.

The agencies also research on the latest algorithms and update such as Google Penguin, Google Panda, Exact Match Domain update etc. released by search engine companies to stay on top of the requirements and rank customers well. They also analyze the official web pages of businesses and suggest improvements in terms of speed of the website, website design and structure of the website.

3.  E-mail list building and marketing

E-mail marketing is often thought as an easy task, but there’s a difference between a normal e-mail marketing campaign and successful direct e-mail marketing. Digital agencies specialize in the latter, targeting individuals based on their demographic and related interest in the products and services of brands. The open rates of the multi-variant e-mails created by the agencies vary 25% to 30% on average.

List building and management is another monetization method that digital agencies specialize in. They create a strategy that allows businesses to attract additional revenue from their e-mail acquisition list. They come up with cost-saving methods that rely on collection of data and best practices of attracting new subscribers.


Digital marketing will continue to attract businesses as they look to cut down their advertising cost along with exposing their brand image across different channels of communication and attracting customers from around the world.

This frugal feature was a guest post.

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