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Blog Like A Rockstar


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2012 was the year I wanted my blog to finally work for me.  Hundreds of blogs are started every minute, and very few ever make it to the big leagues.  Too many bloggers start their sites with the hope they will “get noticed.” That if they just write some great posts, tweet something sweet, then proceed to sit and wait, the masses will find them.  Surely, they think, that if they just put in the work, the people, and thus, the brands (with their nice budgets) will find them. They’ll earn enough money and have enough fun to make all the work worth it.


Truth be told, Rockstar Bloggers aren’t discovered, they’re made.


If you want to be a Rockstar Blogger- the kind of person who gets invites for V.I.P. events, sponsorships for conferences, free products and earns real money from their blog- you have to make the decision to learn the tools of the trade and hustle for it.

If 2013 is the year you want to be a Rockstar Blogger, and craft the blog that will help you accomplish your personal goals and your crazy big dreams, you have to make the decision now.  You will not be magically discovered, you have to learn to ask.


How do I know this? Because I spent far too long writing posts in virtual obscurity,  hoping that my traffic would increase magically enough to help generate enough pennies from AdSense to pay my rent or that I’d somehow be “discovered” and be “famous” enough for brands to work with me.


This last year I finally learned the “art of the ask,” and what brands truly look for when working with bloggers in order to tailor a perfect pitch and land myself exclusive invites, free products, sponsorships for travel and athletic events, plus I had more fun (and for free!) than one person could ever ask for.  I have learned that a blog  doesn’t have to be “discovered,” and most of all- that to get your blog to work for you and help you accomplish you dreams, you don’t have to be a big name blogger with tons of followers.

In 2012, I snagged $1,000’s in free product, event and travel sponsorships and ditched Google Adsense to make my ad money directly- quadrupling my earnings each month.  Only after I learned how to market myself and my blog, did the traffic and social media numbers grow.  You don’t have to have a big blog before you start earning perks, instead you learn to capitalize on your strengths and set the stage for Rockstar success by developing social proof from wherever you are.


You choose to be a Rockstar Blogger, don’t wait for someone to choose you, they may never come.  

If you’re ready to snag sponsorships, ad revenue, free product for reviews & giveaways and the super-fun, V.I.P. invites to brand events other bloggers get, the time to start is NOW, oh, and I have a coupon code that will make it even easier to do so!


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Rockstar Blogging

Just one snippet of feedback from an awesome Rockstar Blogger earlier this week… thanks Pattee!

Rockstar Blogging Testimonial

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