Frugal Feature: Saving Money On Car Insurance

Save Money On Car Insurance

Any motorist who’s struggling to get by will probably tell you that it’s becoming more expensive than ever to own a car. Fuel costs alone are verging on unaffordable for people on average incomes, while some believe tax is also bordering on extortionate. Car insurance is something else many motorists are anxious about, not least because they’re worried about any sudden price rises. In light of a recent directive from the European Union stating that men and women should pay the same for insurance, finding savings has never been more important.

The directive will become law on December 21, and the main problem arising from that being women having to pay more, while men are likely to pay the same amount. Fortunately, while there’s still time, it’s possible to make a few savings here and there on car insurance, but you might wonder what your options are. Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Shop around on an annual basis for the cheapest car insurance policy. After visiting a price comparison site or talking to insurers in person, you could decide whether cheap car insurance with 123.ie is for you.
  • Choose to pay a higher excess on your claim. Reducing the cost to your insurer will help bring the cost of your monthly premium down.
  • Reduce your risk status – taking a Pass Plus driving course is cheap, doesn’t take too long and is recognised by insurers as proof that a driver is safe when on the road.
  • Make sure you have cover for everything you need while driving. As well as being insured in the event of an accident, breakdown cover is also useful. Breaking down while driving can be costly, especially if you have to pay for recovery and repairs, but having cover for this eventuality will help to reassure you if it happens.

This Frugal Feature was a guest post.

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