Frugal Feature: Quick & Easy Ways To Save Money On Insurance


Cutting the cost of insurance is something many people will be keen to do as they attempt to make their finances stretch that little bit further in these tough economic times.

Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on items such as car, home and travel insurance, so read on for inspiration.

Car insurance

An important thing to remember when getting car insurance is to shop around and scour the internet for online discounts. For example, Liberty insurance car insurance quotes work out up to five per cent cheaper online. Other quick and easy ways to slash the price of car insurance include increasing your voluntary excess by a sensible amount, taking out multi-car policies if applicable, reducing your mileage, downgrading to a smaller car that’s cheaper to run and cheaper to insure if the bills are mounting up and be a more sensible driver to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crash.

Home insurance

Improving the security of your property will bring down your home insurance policy and fitting smoke alarms really is a must in terms of making your house safer. Again, compare prices online to make sure you’re getting a fair deal for your money because online discounts are readily available, making it both convenient and cost-effective. One tactic to save money is to pay in one-lump sum annually instead of monthly, so try and save in advance of renewal time.

Travel insurance 

An alarming amount of people fail to take out travel insurance before jetting off to all manner of weird and wonderful destinations, but it’s really not worth the risk as a host of unexpected scenarios could crop up that may leave you seriously out of pocket. There are plenty of cut-price deals available online and consider buying annual or multi-trip policies instead of getting individual cover if you plan to go away again in the coming months.

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