Frugal Feature: Communicate with clients from home with cheap conference calls

Saving money on phones for your business


Keeping in touch with existing and potential new clients if you run a business from home can be expensive.

The cost of local and international calls during peak and off-peak times and attending meetings on a regular basis will soon add up when ideally you’d prefer to keep outgoings to an absolute minimum.

Here’s where conference calls provide a reliable and cost-effective way of communicating with the people that matter to how a company operates on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Cheap and easy to use

Competitive packages like the ones provided by Powwownow offer users access to low-call rate numbers in as many as 15 countries, ideal if you trade internationally.

There are no service costs, you just pay for the cost of the call and there a host of free extras that will no doubt come in handy. Like the ability to record calls and play them back so you don’t miss any important details discussed during that all-important call.

Host virtual meetings 

Traditional meetings are becoming a thing of the past as conference calls enable you to host virtual meetings that are far more convenient and productive than traveling to and from meet-up points.

Instead, spend more time at home working rather than wasting time going from meeting to meeting. Video conference calls mean you can still interact visually online, while sharing files and communicating via a webinar is another alternative you should consider.

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