Ep 09- The Power Of “No” With Julie Longyear from IrieStar.com

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 Ep 09- The Power Of “No” With Julie Longyear from IrieStar.com

Julie is the founder of IrieStar.com where she sells a fabulous array of natural & herbal skin care & home products. Her natural skincare solutions, Blissoma products are the result of a mix of professional curiosity & personal passion.

As her business has grown & the world has taken note, opportunities from big names & retailers have come her way- today she talks with us on how to sniff out genuine opportunities and the power of “saying no,” for entrepreneurs.

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Listen In For:

  • Being clear about your goals & your product evolution from the get-go, before you get big.
  • When approached with big opportunities, what resources will you need to not go broke but be able to grow?
  • Why getting picked up by “big brands” can be cool but a cash drain in disguise.
  • The difference between “investing” and “draining out” with your cash flow.
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