Special Offer: Make Sh*t Happen With Jenny Blake (+discount)

Jenny Blake speaking at WDS 2012


In early spring of this year, I took a course lead by author & blogger, Jenny Blake of Life After College.


Jenny walks the walk-  after quitting Google, getting a book published & moving to her dream city of NYC, she has also become Yoga certified & spent a month abroad in Thailand to improve her technique.


This year at the World Domination Summit, she was asked to give a brief speech in front of 1,000 people.

Jenny Blake speaking at WDS 2012

[highlight]This chick MAKES SH*T Happen, and I wouldn’t be writing you unless she inspired me to do the same.[/highlight]


When I signed up for Make Sh*t Happen earlier this year, I was floundering.  I was just about to finish my master’s degree with no long term idea of what was next (since my dream of becoming a college professor turned into a living nightmare.)


Within weeks of enrolling in the course, I officially launched Cake Mix Media, started blogging at  The Frugalpreneur & made some amazing friends who inspired me to get off my duff and rock my life.

 Sh*t I didn’t even admit I wanted started coming true in my life-  clients, travel, money & a hell of a fun time doing it!


6 months later,  the make-sh*t-happen inspiration still won’t quit.  I attended The World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon and met up with several MSH alumni,  and I’ve taken up running.  As a lifelong couch potato and closeted introvert, I had no idea how much my life was going to change from this course.


[highlight]If you’re looking for a launch point to make sh*t happen, even if you don’t know what that sh*t is yet, this course is for you.[/highlight]


The course is $400 and worth every damn penny.  I’ve got a hookup though- if you want to make sh*t happen, let Jenny know that I referred you and you will receive $50 off.  

The course kicks off in August with only 50 spots (they fill up fast!) and you have 10 weeks, the mentorship of Jenny Blake & a cohort of kick-arse individuals in your class to get your butt in gear.  

If you’ve struggled to get your stuff together, if you’re scared about your big goals or simply feel lost as to what your big goals should be, this will what you need to start living the life you’ve envisioned… driven, guided, purposeful and surrounded by like minded & awesome people to support you.

[highlight]To Get $50 off The Make Sh*t Happen Course- Sign up HERE and send Jenny an email letting her know “Shannyn sends her regards…and her discount”  so we can both be winners and you can get your $50 off![/highlight]

Get ready to rock your August and revolutionize your 2012!


Also-  Jenny Blake is hosting a “Make Sh*t Happen Crash Course” webinar on Tuesday, July 17th at 3:30pm eastern.  Sign up here.

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