Ep 07- Revolutionize Your Work w/ Julie Clow Author of The Work Revolution

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The Frugalpreneur Episode 7 –Revolutionizing Your Work w/ Julie Clow, Author of The Work Revolution

Julie wrote her first book, The Work Revolution while still managing a day job and in the midst of relocating from one side of the country to the other.  She has excellent insights on how to revolutionize your work- whether you’re flying solo or working for a big company, she knows that energy management is key.  She draws upon her insights in the book but also from her time working at Google in this excellent interview that will surely spark a revolution in you!

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Listen In For:

  • Julie’s tips on how to balance “work” and “passions” and how to integrate the two holistically into your day.
  • Energy management techniques & how to play up your strengths in the workplace.
  • Navigating major changes based on your values and personal work ethic.
  • Why it’s now more critical than ever to do the “right” things, not “everything” and managing information overwhelm when you’re goal-driven.
  • How to strategize your strengths for better productivity & a happier work day.
  • Why you need to have faith and fail fast in your business & life (it’s a good thing!)
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