Ep 06- Building A Kick Ass Brand With Amanda Abella of GradMeetsWorld.org

The Frugalpreneur Podcast

The Frugalpreneur Episode 6 –Building A Kick Ass Brand w/ Amanda Abella of GradMeetsWorld.org

Amanda Abella founded the blog GradMeetsWorld.org but also headlines her own projects like The Better Blogging Jam Sessions and is working on becoming a credentialed life coach.  In our discussion about branding she talks about the key essentials to building a brand, identifying & building your audience.

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Listen In For:

  • Building a holistic brand centered around your personal interests that still fulfills a market need.
  • Creating congruency between your interest & what makes money.
  • Honing in your offerings when things aren’t selling or your audience is dead silent.
  • The biggest mistakes business & blogger newbies make online.
  • Why you should embrace pissing people off to find your ideal audience.

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