Weekly Kick In The Tush: 10 Lessons Learned From Publishing

[highlight]Need a kick in the tush? If you haven’t kicked butt with your business or rocked your life this week- here’s your boost.[/highlight]


Jenny Blake is the kind of woman who makes it look easy, but why her fans and followers love her is because she’s human enough to admit it’s not.  The honest admissions she shares are  true nuggets of wisdom.  Success is awesome, but there is a lot of un-glam moments, struggles, and a mix of knowing when to fight and when to fold- it’s the price you pay for awesome.

Jenny shares some powerful insights to take away from this talk she gave shortly after getting her first book published last year.  She has a successful blog & coaching practice,  plenty of speaking gigs under her belt and yes, a really helpful book that you need to buy.

If you’re struggling and slogging through this week- you’re not alone.   Here’s your weekly kick in the pants from one of my faves, Jenny Blake.


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  1. May 27, 2012

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