Weekly Kick In the Tush: Courtesy of Danielle LaPorte

[highlight]Need a kick in the tush? If you haven’t kicked butt with your business or rocked your life this week- here’s your boost.[/highlight]



If you are feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, simultaneously terrifed + exhilarated and totally hopped up on caffeine-  I am giving you a big high five…and a kick in the tush (I expect you to do the same for me!)  
 We are frugalpreneurs and this is what we do!

I just launched my new social media consulting business at CakeMixMedia.com.  That coupled with a possible move to a new city & the 15 page sociology paper required to pass my last class before graduation- I’ve been fraught with that bogged down, unshakable feeling of excitement coupled with impending doom and fear.

I’m currently reading Danielle LaPorte’s new book The Fire Starter Sessions which was based on her hugely popular site and ebook- it’s phenomenal.  You will read it, feel your soul expand just enough to let the oxygen in to breathe life inside of your firery heart dreams.

Oh, I’m also taking Corbett Barr’s phenomenal Traffic School which is currently sold out (bummers.) but if you’re ready for a serious kick in the tush- check out his Start A Blog That Matters course.   I’m getting my tush handed to me in Traffic School so perhaps if you join SABTM we can compare notes for world domination?  Sounds good!


  1. April 26, 2012
    • April 26, 2012

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