Must Reads & (Non-Essential) Personal Updates

Holy crap on a cracker-  I assure you I have not forgotten about The Frugalpreneur- in fact, I have a podcast interview scheduled for Monday (you’re going to love this one, we’re featuring the fabulous Michelle from Let’s Radiate) but I think I’ve been a smidey-bit busy the last month and I would like to explain here:

  • I am graduating with my Master’s Degree in a few weeks (booyah)
  • I just launched my own social media consulting biz –  CakeMixMedia.com 
  • I have two very sexy clients and I am currently on the prowl for one last client to complete the Trifecta of AWESOME.
  • Flew to New York City for a fabulous book launch party  and you can see my pictures.
  • I am contemplating a move to NYC.  Yes, I so am.  Feel free to throw eggs at my crazy-self.
  • Oh ya, I was asked to speak at the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver… OMG… shazzam!

So, The Frugalpreneur has been a bit neglected-  but in other news Frugalbeautiful.com and BeautifulGiveaways has grown.  In March, my YouTube channel subscribers quadrupled,  my RSS subs nearly doubled and I hit 2k followers on Twitter for my main account.  Not show stopping mind you- but I’m grateful for whatever success I’ve been able to get on my own terms.


So what are these must reads?  Glad you asked.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pouring myself into these two new releases and in doing so, my brain and soul are high-fivin’ each other…they’re just that good.


The Work Revolution: Freedom & Excellence For All  by Julie Clow is the other side of the coin for the zillion “Quit your job, sell your sh*t and go work for yourself” type books that are out there.  For those of us who have jobs that we like, or hell, used to like- this is the book for you.

Julie worked at Google for several years and saw that the way they do things not only made their work culture so famous but it can implemented to your company- whether you’re an employer or employee.







The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms by Danielle LaPorte

I have been reading LaPorte’s site for well over a year now.  I love her stuff and her book is no less awesome.  She has a brilliant talent of asking very broad, universal questions that somehow still has the ability of piercing through to your deepest desires, experiences and hopes.

Her work is surprisingly soul stirring and you will feel uplifted and contemplative after a few pages.  Seriously, I have a hard time putting it down but find I often have to in order to mull over the thought provoking pages a bit more.   No matter what your calling, and especially if you don’t know what that calling is- you need this book.

Well, that wraps it up for me at this time.  Again, I totally apologize for putting my beloved FruPreun on the backburner for a time, but I’ll chalk it up to practicing what I preach.  I’m going to focus on finishing this silly degree for the next 2 weeks & finding the last client or two  (I only take about 3-4 a month) and then…off to NYC (hopefully) or maybe, who knows.


Kick arse, take names. Fight the good fight and love your life.  -Shannyn


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