Avoiding Workaholic Burnout

Avoiding workaholic burnout

Wow, I really could not come up with a better title or picture, but honestly- it gets to the point, no?  I really just wanted to talk about Corvettes, but alas, here we are…

If you run a business from home, it’s easy to feel constantly connected and beyond that, constantly mentally obligated to be tied to your work.  Even if you’re not actually “plugged in,” you’re still mentally “plugged in,” and mulling over work details, plans and problems while eating with your spouse, scrubbing up in the shower, and it’s keeping you up at night.  Burnout starts to wear on you, but you feel constantly tethered to this business since it’s truly yours.  

For a time, the thought of taking a vacation or leaving my desk to do basic tasks like get a haircut, see the dentist or gasp- get a massage during the week felt like blasphemy.  If this business was going to sink or swim, I needed to prove it, damnit!  Leaving during the “work day” felt like I was setting myself up for failure, but I was running low on energy.

A few days ago, I was really slugging through my work.  I was exhausted and lethargic both physically and mentally. I was getting more requests for work than ever (yay!) and didn’t have the energy to meet the paying (double yay!) demands of my amazing clients and colleagues (lame!).  What the hell was wrong with me?  Success was coming my way, the money was rolling in, people wanted to talk to me and my body couldn’t keep up though my mind was racing.  It was Lame with a capital L.


Yesterday, I threw in the towel and got a massage.  I’ve come to realize that now that the money and responsibility is headed my way I need to do a lot more to take care of myself.  Instead of my quarterly massages, I’m now going monthly to not only take advantage of a fat discount, but to ensure I don’t kill myself with stress (good call).  I came back from my massage yesterday and felt fabulous, today I worked far better than I had in weeks.  Hallelujah!

It sucks and you’ll feel like a total jackass, but you have to throw in the towel once in awhile.  You aren’t a Corvette and your burnout is as cool, so stop treating yourself like a machine.  

I could blather on about this forever, but Marie Forleo an enterprising and hilarious business woman does a far better job of this.  I just re-watched this video and had to share, enjoy!

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