Weekly Kick In The Tush: Failure Happens

[highlight]Need a kick in the tush? If you haven’t kicked butt with your business or rocked your life this week- here’s your boost.[/highlight]


The first thing you have to get over in entrepreneurship is a fear of failure.  Usually when failure actually occurs, it totally sucks- but it never sucks with the Doomsday-esque scenario we have crafted in our heads.  When failure happens, it’s a learning experience and sometimes it’s a necessary step to getting an end result of success.

Yes, failure totally sucks.  Yet keep in mind that some of the biggest success stories of our culture had plenty of well-documented failures in between the big wins.  Chalk it up as necessary experience and the cost of doing business.

This week if you need a kick in the tush, lean in to the potential of failure.  Be brave and venture on, you’re too cool to freak out about failure.  

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