Need To Plan Your Week? {Recommended Resource}

Whenever I come across a resource or a cool project I think you can benefit from, I always want to put it out there.  Michelle from Let’s Radiate has been a great influence in my life.  She is always offering great tools and posts to help entrepreneurs, free thinkers and cool people of all stripes!  I’ve worked with her to develop a business plan and have attended some of her events, so I can vouch for the caliber of work she does.

She recently sent me her new Weekly Plan Sheet Tool Kit which she put together to help folks like us keep our weeks on track, not just with “to-do’s” but concentrated time blocks that are focused to help you hit your priorities and garner satisfaction with how you spend your time.



I’ve used some her worksheets before and found them really helpful- so I wanted to share this with you.  Feel free to check out her brand new Plan Your Week Toolkit and tell her I sent you!  From one frugalpreneur to another, enjoy!


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