Why Every Business Needs To Start A Blog That Matters

Start A Blog That MattersFor those of you who don’t know, I’ve been freelancing as a brand developer and time and time again I work with people & brands that are completely baffled when it comes to social media and blogging.  They know they should start a blog or leverage the blog they have, but many people are overwhelmed or simply don’t know how.

[highlight]If ever there was a need for effective guidance on how to start a blog that matters, the time is now.  [/highlight]

We are not simply expected to start blogs, we are expected to have compelling content that sells itself.  There are a lot of blogs out there- it becomes harder and harder to cut through the clutter and stand out.  


[highlight]Blogging can be highly profitable but can be completely overwhelming if you want to do it effectively.[/highlight]

How can I create a blog that people will want to read?

What social media should I use to promote my blog and how much work will it take?

How much time will it take and how long will it take to achieve my goals?

What would it take to create a blog that would pay for itself or be a sustaining business for me?

When should I monetize, what should I do myself, and what tasks should I spend money to hire out?  

[highlight]Thousands of blogs are started each day- many of which are resigned to collect internet dust without being utilized or developed.   Conversely, others blog  aimlessly for months and months never seeing the real results they could.  [/highlight]


This is exactly why I am excited about the new course Start A Blog That Matters, pioneered by Corbett Barr who was my first interviewee of The Frugalpreneur podcast.   Nobody wants to spend months and months putting together a blog that generates no results or return on investment.  God knows, had this course been around when I started blogging over a year ago it would have saved me a lot of time and heartache.
This program is a 90-day step-by-step action plan you can follow to create a blog that matters.


It includes 13 weekly lessons, 4 special bonuses and over 8 hours of instructional video plus bonuses from Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net & Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth–  two entrepreneurs that have been highly influential in my life.  You would not see this blog without the influence of these 2 bloggers and Corbett Barr.


[highlight]So How Will You Create A Blog That Matters? [/highlight]

  • You Must Have An Ethic of Service
  • You Must Decide What Your Unique Offering Will Be
  • You Must Craft A Way To Tell A Compelling Story (even if you are just selling car parts)
  • You Must Build A Community Around Whatever You Blog About

So while that’s all well and good, if you have no idea how to do that save yourself months of work and take a course that will help you  create a blog that achieves your core objectives.

[highlight] I am highly recommending Start A Blog That Matters because Corbett Barr’s influence has changed my blogging life.  He runs three highly influential and popular blogs of his own and has dropped true gemstones into the creation of this course.[/highlight]

I know that inside we’re all looking for a way to take our business to the next level.  Starting a blog can make an existing business even better, or an effective blog can be used in a portfolio, resumé or to further a freelancing career.  My blog has been able to generate thousands of dollars in income to support myself and charities I care about.

[highlight]Blogging has changed my life and I wish the same for you. If you’re struggling to take the next step or even simply get started, signing up for the SABTM Course could be the best $97 you’ve spent on yourself.[/highlight]

Find your purpose in blogging, then find your voice.  If you’re already blogging and feeling stuck, or you’re ready to see how a blog can change the game for your business this course will be a solid investment.


 Corbett even guarantees that [highlight]if you’re not seeing the results you seek, Corbett will personally coach you to make it happen[/highlight].  This man normally charges $300 per hour if that’s any indication of how serious he is.  


If you’re interested in Start A Blog That Matters I would love to have you use my affiliate link.  

Also, if you have any questions, please send them my way, I’d love to answer anything I can about the program & help you make the decision that’s right for you.  

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