Weekly Kick In The Tush: Motivational Truths

[highlight]Need a kick in the tush? If you haven’t kicked butt with your business or rocked your life this week- here’s your boost.[/highlight]

Study after study after study has found that higher monetary rewards only work to incentivize basic tasks don’t lead to better performance when it involves conceptual, creative thinking.  Then provide autonomy, mastery, and purpose if you want to create truly remarkable work.

Of course, as frugalpreneurs we want more money for what we do- but many of us are used to the corporate model:  perform better and get paid more.  This week, tap into your intrinsic values to find what really lights your fire and gets you to perform at max capacity.

Whatever makes you fire on all cylinders- which we can see may not be money, you will need to implement into your daily routine.  Time with family, rewarding project completions, contributions to a cause or community you care about.

Your task this week to get a much-needed kick in the tush will be to find what motivates you and make it a part of your new work model.  

Your work is too important to be functioning with an antiquated motivation/incentive model.  

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