Podcast-A-Thon To Fight Childhood Cancer

St. Baldrick's fighting childhood cancer

[highlight]Friends of mine at The Watercooler Podcast will be doing a 12 hr. Podcast-a-Thon this Saturday, March 3rd to fundraise for St. Baldrick’s to support the fight against childhood cancers.  Fundraising will continue through the week.  [/highlight]

St. Baldrick’s is an organization I wasn’t familiar with before I moved to Chicago, but let me say that since I discovered this wonderful charity and it’s unusual tactics {read: head shaving} it’s truly not only a great organization, but an experience to be a part of.

People that get involved with St. Baldrick’s are truly dedicated {I mean, they shave their heads…that’s brave!} it’s inspiring.


My friend Max does fundraising for St. Baldrick’s every year and yes- he shaves his head for it.  This year he’s doing a podcast-a-thon for TWELVE hours to raise funds.    His goal is $2,000 and he will be podcasting around the clock to hit the $2k goal.  


The podcast-a-thon will be taking place this

Saturday, March 3rd 2012 from 12pm-12am.

You can listen in from anywhere, and you can donate any time after as well.  Check it out:

St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

That’s Stina and Max above… and I assure you, Max doesn’t make that mean face often…apparently that’s his “YOU MUST DONATE” face? {haha} I can barely podcast for 30 minutes much less 12 hours.  They are brave, brave podcasters- but then again, kids with cancer and their families have to be brave.

I’ve made my donation and will be supplying guacamole, chips and Gatorade for the 12 hours of awesome.  Being a podcaster is pretty cool, and Max has helped a lot with getting my podcast off the ground so you know I’ll be over there with a losange and spray mister full of Red Bull to help the cause!

I realize we’re all frugal, but if you could send a tweet that would be fab…that little share button below will make it easy shmeezy…and if you’d like to donate go here:  Podcastathon for St. Baldrick’s 2012.


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