Weekly Kick In The Tush: Life Is To Short To Do Sh*t You Hate

[highlight]Need a kick in the tush? If you haven’t kicked butt with your business or rocked your life this week- here’s your boost.[/highlight]

This video is NSF!  But then again, if you hate what you do, let your boss hear you listening to this, turn up the volume and WALK OUT.  

Okay, so maybe not- but this hustle-smart video from Gary Vaynerchuk will energize your week.

Life is too short to do sh*t that you hate.  You need to hustle.  Your great-great-great grandchildren are going to see everything you ever done.  You seriously need to hustle. Show people you care about what you do.  Be weird, loud, obnoxious if you have to- whatever it is that makes you truly YOU and sell your stuff your way.  You are your brand. Kick it and hustle like hell.

Go out there and play the game- Gary Vaynerchuk style.

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  1. February 26, 2012

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