How To Bust Through Writer’s Block

How To Defeat Writers Block



If you make a living as a writer or want to finally kick ass and write that world changing manifesto you will have to learn to battle writer’s block.

[highlight]Strategies To Overcome Writer’s Block:[/highlight]

  • Force yourself to free write for a half hour with an app like Focus Booster or a kitchen timer.  If it’s total crap, just delete it- but chances are, it’s something to work with.
  • Go for a walk or change up the scenery.
  • Leave your work to  do something new totally & uncomfortable.
  • Call someone really annoying to get your blood boiling or reconnect with a friend to soothe your nerves.
  • Delve into creative work that doesn’t involve writing but gets the juices flowing- sketching, crafting, interior design.
  • Go for a ride on public transit and write down everything you see or craft a story around it to get your brain trained for more writing.
  • Mindmap or brainstorm ideas for a completely different project.  Having something else to contribute to will ease the frustration that feeds the creative blockage.
  • Without it being a distraction in itself- see if there’s something about your setting that’s throwing you off your game.  Try a different chair, adjust the lighting, put on some music.
  • You could just be hungry.  Skip the Lean Cuisine & poptarts- cook something savory, nourishing and totally from scratch.  Feed the soul & the tummy to get creativity flowing.
  • Put on the dorkiest music you can find and dance like a hipster for 3 minutes before you sit down to write.
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