Blogging: How To Do Giveaways With Rafflecopter

If you’ve ever entered a blog giveaway, you may have noticed that many bloggers have you leave your “entries”  (links to your tweets, confirmation that you liked/followed) in their comment section.  While this is all fine and dandy- it can get hella hectic trying to pick a winner from 500+ entries and aggregating data, choosing one at random then figuring out who the lucky person is.  Luckily, Rafflecopter changed all that.

I have used Rafflecopter almost a dozen times on my other blog- FrugalBeautiful.com and it has made my life simple!  All the entries are easy to find and moderate, you don’t need to use an external source to randomize the drawing and you can even export your entrants to an Excel spreadsheet.  Setup is a breeze- choosing your “entries” is baked right into the system.  Easily choose how readers can enter by choosing options for “Follow on Twitter” (copy/paste in your handle), “Like on Facebook” (copy/paste your url),  “Tweet the Giveaway,” you get the idea!  Plus, anything you may want to add is easily plugged in, it’s pretty snazzy!


To celebrate the fact that they’ve now “gone public” (no more waiting list, hooray!) you can enter to win some snazzy prizes! You can also enter your idea to name their mascot (Ahem, Ralph has been suggested!)  and possibly win an iPad 2 (sigh) or a Kindle Fire (double sigh).


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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